About Don Leo


My grandfather, Don Jose Leonides Santacruz, or “Don Leo” as everyone called him, was married to the love of his life, Doña Marina Isabel, for almost 60 years, before he passed away.  Don Leo’s legacy lives on, as he and Doña Marina raised a total of 12 children, 10 boys and 2 girls, which was no easy feat during the civil war of the 80’s in El Salvador.

Born and raised on the southern country side of El Salvador, Don Leo learned as a child to work and live off the land; his time spent in the Salvadorean military added discipline and augmented his already stern character.  

Don Leo was a man of few words, with strong family values.  Simplicity was perhaps one of his biggest virtues. He taught his children to respect, love and support each other above all.  This strong sense of family unity is what helped us all survive a war and has now transcended two generations, keeping the family ties stronger than ever.

Don Leo coffee captures the essence of the man himself.  Strong body with a simple, smooth flavor, not bitter, almost sweet in its own way.  Grown on rich, volcanic highlands. A flavor that is undeniably memorable.